SIV- Reimagining the world of innovative business ownership and business startup.

SIV - Social Innovation Ventures by Glodigit


Social Innovation Ventures (SIV) is a Multi-brand Franchise and Endorsed brand Business Partnership, with a group of individual small businesses operating under SIV Brands. SIV is building a Reputable Global Brand with proven business models fine-tuned for the success of small businesses and the community they serves.

SIV strives to build a strong network of socially responsible and successful ventures that will puts people and the planet first, yet prosperous for all.


Join the world of Global Social Innovation Ventures by becoming Founder of a SIV. Be a trendsetter, start a new innovative business or lets SIV help you turn your existing one to a socially responsible and successful company that will benefits the interest of people, the planet and profit.

SIV founders and the entire team of the company or startup will be empowered with quality tailor-made training, fundraising, marketing, robust tools and innovative business management support. 

With SIV, Glodigit want to help small business operates as a strong brand and help improve the quality of living for the young and old generations in underprivileged communities globally.


-  SIV Franchise Partnership 

-  SIV Business Management Partnership. For existing businesses and startups in all industries.

We are still working on this page, more information will be available soon. Contact us if you are interested SIV.