Glodigit is an all-sourcing digital marketplace for trading in all services that can be offered remotely and in-person.


Glodigit - take advantage of the digital economy and its tremendous potential

Glodigit is building a socially-responsible community with a shared-opportunity approach. 

We combine our extensive knowledge of the digital economy market with innovative technology and an omnichannel payment ecosystem to bridge gaps and democratize cross-border services trading. Glodigit is giving you the tools and the opportunity to take advantage of the digital economy and its tremendous potential, broaden your horizons, have your own share of the digital economy market, and make a difference.

Our innovative solutions and an omnichannel payment ecosystem simplifies buying, selling, and working digitally across borders. Faster, easier, secure, and more cost-effective.


Glodigit offers an innovative and borderless all-sourcing marketplace for trading in services that can be offered visually and in-person, without real-time delivery or shipping. It doesn't matter if you are a company, a web guru, a freelancer, a lawyer, an artist, a footballer, a cleaner, a pet-sitter, and even a surrogate mother.

Glodigit strives to empower, bridge gaps, and democratize cross-border services trading for companies and individuals who want to thrive locally and on the global stage. There are lots of companies and individuals out there (all across the globe) that what they need to thrive and build a sustainable livelihood is to have access to your services, your skills/talents, and creativity, that is why we are on a mission to unify companies and individuals to work more together and benefit together.

To build a strong Socially Responsible Community, where people thrive and help others thrive. We envision a world of empowerment and shared-opportunities, where people have the courage to dream, thrive, and help others thrive because they are given the tools and the self-empowerment opportunity.

More than just a marketplace, Glodigit is a socially responsible community with a shared-opportunity approach.

  • Our Socially Responsible Sales Commission Policy for sellers. 
  • Glodigit - buy, sell and work digitally and globallyOur Cashback For Aid program, a Unique Cashback Program that rewards buyers with 'REAL CASH' on every dollar spent, regardless of your location and location of the sellers you are buying from. As a buyer, you will be rewarded with 'Real Cash' Money on every dollar spent. *You can later withdraw your cashback or donate the money to support others. 
  • Our Fundraising Privilege Club, FPC is designed to help startups and small businesses raise funds in the crowd and compensate FPC members for their efforts.
  • Our Crowd-earning Privilege Club a socially-responsible program that is designed to help change-makers thrive and help others thrive in the economy, while they earn extra residual-income/Crowd-earning. CPC is a life-changing program in which CPC members will be helping companies and individuals to work smarter, increase their revenues/incomes, and improve their quality of living. Changemakers are in return compensated with lifetime sales commission on sales of each seller in their network. The more sellers in your network, the more they sell, the more you earn as a changemaker, without limitation or restriction and regardless of the location of companies/individuals in your network.
  • Our Affiliate Program, a reward program where people help sellers to sell more and earn commission on each sale.
  • Our 'Teamup' a unique program that is designed to support small businesses and freelancers. 

By Web & Cloud LLC

Glodigit - By Web and Cloud LLC, the tech company from Miami, Florida


Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Web and Cloud LLC, the devoted tech-enabled firm that has been on the global market since 2003, is the backbone behind Glodigit,, Nametorize, and many free cloud-based tools that are inspired by your needs.

Web & Cloud LLC strives to empower, bridge gaps and help you take advantage of the digital economy and its tremendous potential, to have your own share of the market, thrive and help underprivileged people in your community move from surviving to thriving; regardless of your background and location across the globe. 


Background and what we believe

As a mission-driven company with extensive knowledge of the digital economy market in both developed and emerging markets and globalization for more than 16 years, our background, innovation, and restless efforts have given us a competitive advantage on the global market.

Since 2003, we use business as a force for good, we are not competing to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world. We believe strongly in the power of unification, inclusion, empowerment, and shared-opportunity. 

Get in touch with us today and let's discuss your needs to be challenged. 

Company contact details:

  • 66 W. Flagler Street, 
  • Miami, Florida, 33130
  • BC:  L18000149080
  • Tel: +1.7868054900